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Above: A beautiful and mostly clear picture possible with the Nikon B500

The Nikon B500 is rated 4 1/2 stars on amazon costing 256$. It has a 40x zoom and 130mm lens which can take some focus time with a shaky hand at the beginning but you’ll naturally begin to transition to a stable hand. It also has built in wi-fi for downloading pictures easily to your device. It has been great for photographing birds as long as they are not too far away. The image resolution is decent unless you are close to the bird. I would recommend it to beginner photographers.

Some tips about photographing are too:

  1.  Guess where moving birds will go next to be ready to snap a picture.
  2. Try to take pictures with the sun behind you, but in front of you for a silhouette.
  3. Take pictures with the whole bird being visible to help with focus time and zoom in later digitally if necessary.
  4. Use “sport” mode to have a photo burst of images to choose from (my favorite tip.)
  5. Crouch or lay down for a different angle and perspective in your photos.
  6. Use filtering to fix bad lighting or make better any photo.
  7. Pay attention to how the bird is positioned and what the background is to maximize the beauty of your photo
  8. Don’t get close to the bird right away, take a few steps, snaps some pictures, and repeat to ensure the best photo
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