The Local Mockingbird

On May 8th I looked outside our house and saw one of my favorite local birds, the Northern Mockingbird, singing his lovely mimicking song up from a blossoming apple tree. Noticing the opportunity I grabbed my camera and went outside to photograph the bird. Did you know that due to this bird being an extraordinarily popular pet in the 19th century, it was locally extirpated on the east coast from all the capturing!?

Thanks for reading my mini post! I’ve been desperately needing to announce that I’m going to Florida for three days on Wednesday! Once I’m done all my upcoming posts look out for photos of birds such as Reddish Egret, Sandwich Tern, Gray Kingbird, Limpkin, Yellow-Crowned Night-Heron, Roseate Spoonbill, etcetera. Additionally I just set up a blog Instagram account! Check it out @nicolas_forestell and follow me for sneak peaks at some of the photos from my trips. Again thanks for reading and I’ll see you all soon!

© Nicolas Forestell, if seen elsewhere it has been stolen from

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